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About March 1, 2010

We are Kate, Tracy, and baby Emma and we are farmers without roots and a whole living family finding our way.  We rent a great little place on an old farm north of Hutchinson, KS.  We are finally striking out to live a little bit of our dream and to share a bit of the good life with folks like you.

We will be selling farm fresh eggs, garden vegetables, farm house crafts, rain barrels, compost bins and other handy items at our local farmer’s market and other area venues.  We are also available to help you with any questions and advice as you set out on your whole living adventure.

(What is this ‘whole living’ you ask?  Well it looks a lot like living simply and eating organically and slow food movements and local foods and local crafts and all the wonderful goodness that helps to create a community and a life – whole and present.)


One Response to “About”

  1. Grampa V and Judy Says:

    This all sounds great…and we wish you both great siccess…i am sending a little something as my contribution to the new ventures….love to all….Grampa Vand Judy

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